You are currently viewing Adelaide Sale 04 March 2015

There were 230 sheep & 132 cattle on offer at the recent Adelaide Sale. Prices at the sale showed an improvement, with mutton and lamb doing exceptionally well. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 12 R830.00 R15.96/kg
Ewes 188 R859.95 R16.84/kg
Lambs 30 R1030.33 R24.72/kg
Bulls 6 R5550.00 R11.48/kg
Cows 55 R5674.55 R12.89/kg
Calves 33 R3472.73 R19.43/kg
Heifers 8 R4843.75 R13.77/kg
Oxen 21 R7242.86 R14.18/kg
Friesland/Jersey X 9 R3822.22 R10.82/kg