You are currently viewing Adelaide Sale 05 March 2014

There were 244 sheep and goats and 127 Cattle at the recent Adelaide monthly Sale. There was a demand for slaughter cattle and lamb. The qaulity of stock on the day was outstanding. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 8 R687.50 R12.09/kg
Ewes 189 R748.73 R16.21/kg
Lambs 41 R975.37 R22.18/kg
Boergoats 3 R850.00 R20.73/kg
Angoras 3 R390.00 R6.19/kg
Bulls 4 R8725.00 R12.14/kg
Cows 80 R7299.50 R13.30/kg
Calves 4 R3987.50 R15.92/kg
Heifers 1 R4750.00 R14.18/kg
Oxen 38 R5903.95 R13.40/kg