You are currently viewing Adelaide Sale 05 May 2014

There were 242 Sheep & Goats and 109 Cattle that came under the hammer at the recent Adelaide sale. Prices were as always exceptional at the sale, with slaughter cattle fetching almost R13.00/kg. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/Kg
Rams 8 R850.00 R12.32/kg
Ewes 101 R829.01 R15.98/kg
Lambs 114 R782.46 R20.31/kg
Boergoats 12 R600.00 R24.00/kg
Boergoat Kids 7 R650.00 R16.67/kg
Bulls 8 R7337.50 R15.08/kg
Cows 57 R5703.51 R12.96/kg
Calves 9 R2616.67 R11.96/kg
Heifers 7 R4385.71 R12.79/kg
Oxen 27 R7242.59 R15.49/kg
Fries/Jersey X 1 R2250.00 R11.25/kg