You are currently viewing Adelaide Sale 07 October 2015

There were 357 cattle and 83 Cattle at the recent Adelaide Sale. Prices for trade sheep were extremely high. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 9 R1146.67 R15.85/kg
Lambs (A2+) 32 R859.11 R25.11/kg
Mutton (Very Thin) 3 R560.00 R16.00/kg
Mutton (C1) 24 R950.00 R23.75/kg
Mutton (C2) 289 R1028.06 R21.06/kg
A Grades (A2+) 2 R8000.00 R18.18/kg
AB Grades (AB2+) 8 R6306.25 R16.72/kg
B Grades (B2+) 4 R5925.00 R15.00/kg
Bulls 7 R12814.29 R16.89/kg
Cows (Very Thin) 4 R4975.00 R12.10/kg
Cows (C1/Store) 12 R5725.00 R13.54/kg
Cows (C2+) 34 R8079.41 R16.35/kg
Slaughter Oxen 1 R6500.00 R15.29/kg
Heifers 211-250kg 2 R4400.00 R17.60/kg
Heifers 280-320kg 1 R5050.00 R16.29/kg
Nguni Heifers <180kg 3 R3450.00 R19.94/kg
Tollies 181-210kg 1 R3100.00 R15.12/kg
Tollies 251-280kg 3 R3850.00 R14.81/kg
Tollies 321kg+ 1 R4450.00 R13.28/kg