You are currently viewing Adelaide Sale 11 December 2013

There were 616 sheep and 207 cattle at the Hobson & Co Adelaide Christmas sale. Prices were phenomenal, with buyers filling the quotas before the festive season. The quality of the cattle in particular was of the highest standard. Prices were as follows:

Type of stock No of Stock Avarage Price Average Price/kg
Rams 76 R855.00 R14.23/kg
Ewes 415 R891.14 R18.08/kg
Lambs 122 R914.31 R23.72/kg
Goats 3 R610 R8.97/kg
Bulls 7 R10014.29 R12.91/kg
Cows 107 R6307.10 R12.88/kg
Calves 38 R3601.97 R16.16/kg
Heifers (300kg+) 1 R9000.00 R15.79/kg
Oxen (300kg+) 52 R6615.38 R14.00/kg
Fries/Jersey X 2 R2600.00 R10.61/kg