You are currently viewing Alphaeton Sale 10 October 2014

Sale Report:

The Alphaeton Bull and Production sale was held in the Fort Beaufort district on Friday 10th October. 86 Buyers registered and interest was good on all lots, with the Bonsmara Bulls selling exceptionally well after a sluggish start. The 26 Bonsmara bulls all sold at an average price of R32 880.00 with the top price being R51 000.00 for lot 7 which was bought by Pierre and Jacobus le Roux of Fort Beaufort.  Norton Thompson, the well-known stud breeder from Komga bought lot 8 for R48 000.00. Female prices seem to have eventually started making a recovery and good prices were realized for a quality offering.  The open heifers were exceptionally dear and guest sellers Pierre & Jacobus le Roux received the highest price of R7500.00 for a lot of 5 open heifers. Boergoats were as always in demand with ram prices down from last year, but ewe prices good.  Top prices paid were R5000.00 for a Boergoat ram, R4000.00 for a Savannah ram and R1600.00 each for a group of 12 Boergoat ewes. The Fettings famous Alphaeton fowls created a stir and interest at fever pitch for these exclusive birds. A sale record of R820.00 was fetched for the last  lot on the sale as buyers clamoured to acquire some of Darryl’s bloodlines.  Hobson & Co were the agents for this very successful auction with Brandon Leer as auctioneer.

Sale Averages :

Type of Stock Sold No of Stock Sold Average Price Top Price
Bonsmara Bulls 25 R32880.00 R52000.00
Pregnant Cows 7 R9450.00 R9800.00
Pregnant Heifers 8 R8950.00 R9400.00
Open Heifers 55 R5920.00 R7400.00
Boergoat Rams 9 R2833.33 R5000.00
Savannah Rams 10 R2990.00 R4000.00
Boergoat Ewes 35 R1500.00 R1600.00
Savannah Maiden Ewes 7 R1300.00 R1300.00
Boergoat Maiden Ewes 39 R1269.23 R1400.00
Pen of Fowls (2 Hens & 1 Cock) 8 R501.25 R820.00