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Bedford Christmas sale 2015

There were 1024 sheep and 243 cattle on sale at the Bedford Christmas sale. Many prizes were on offer, with competition fierce between friends for bragging rights to this years competition. The champion of the yard was awarded to Drix White for his magnificent ox weighing 1235kg. The cattle were judged by Mr Andrew Masterson and Tubby du Preez. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 52 R837.12 R13.83/kg
Lambs (Thin) 10 R710.00 R20.58/kg
Lambs (A2+) 270 R1151.10 R24.28/kg
Mutton (Trade/C1) 78 R781.50 R16.04/kg
Mutton (C2+) 621 R1012.54 R18.65/kg
Angoras 46 R687.50 R13.49/kg
A Grades (A2+) 35 R9382.86 R19.56/kg
AB Grades (Thin) 1 R7300.00 R14.04/kg
AB Grades (AB2+) 10 R10370.00 R18.57/kg
B Grades (B2+) 5 R11440.00 R17.50/kg
Bulls (Slaughter) 9 R10766.67 R15.31/kg
Cows (Very Thin/C0) 1 R4000.00 R12.90/kg
Cows (Store/C1) 5 R4560.00 R11.19/kg
Cows (C2+) 98 R7740.31 R14.86/kg
Slaughter Oxen 28 R12650.00 R16.43/kg
Frieslans Cavles 2 R2500.00 R10.00/kg
Tollies 181-210kg 2 R2750.00 R12.64/kg
Tollies 211-250kg 1 R3000.00 R13.64/kg
Tollies 321kg+ 1 R3300.00 R10.48/kg