You are currently viewing Brakfontein & Botha’s Post Dispersal Sale

The Botha’s Post Bonsmara Stud was sold in conjunction with the Brakfontein Hereford and Braford herds on a dispersal sale at Brakfontein on Friday 22 May. This well-known herd which was established in 1974 attracted much interest from throughout SA and bidding was keen on all lots of an outstanding female offering.

Owners Peter & Brett Knott were delighted with the outcome of the sale as it had been a very difficult decision to make to disperse the herd which had been in the family for so long. They will still be selling bulls at the Frontier Bonsmara sale for the next 2 years. The top price on the day was for the Cow BP0707, Lot 185, with a magnificent bull calf at foot which sold for R50 000. She was sold to a consortium of Frontier Breeders, Justin Stirk and Craig Handley. Andrew van Kerken, a well-known Bonsmara farmer from Addo, who has recently registered as a stud breeder was the bulk buyer on the sale where he bought 25 top quality females which will be the basis of a brilliant stud herd. Mr Barend de Lange, a commercial cattle farmer from Cradock purchased 4 cows and calves for R38000 each which was an indication of the quality which was offered on the sale.

Hobson & Co with Brandon Leer as the auctioneer held the sale where the averages and top prices indicated were as follows:


Description No of Stock Top Price Average Price Buyer
Open Heifers 21 R18000 R14190 James Thompson
Pregnant Females 33 R28000 R21030 James Thompson
Cows & Calves 17 R50000 R28000 Craig Handley & Justin Stirk
NIC Cows 3 R15000 R12500 James Thompson

The very well-known Dumisa Hereford Stud and commercial Braford herd were sold on a Dispersal Sale at Brakfontein, Bedford District on 22 May 2015. The owners John and JJ Park are immigrating to Australia and have been farming Herefords & Brafords for many years and have built up a reputation for supplying functional, medium framed cattle into the market. Buyers were keen to purchase these sought after genetics and stud breeders from throughout SA were present. John Eustace from Himeville, Natal bought the top priced Hereford females, Lots 10 and 11 for R21 000 each and new Hereford breeders Gerrit Meyer of Dauvat Herefords, Paterson, and the Puttergill Bros from Thornhill were bulk buyers on an exceptional sale. Local commercial farmers had a field day buying the top quality Braford type females at very market related prices. Sally Moolman of Moolies Ridge, Kinkelbos, bought the most expensive group of 5 pregnant second calves, Lot 196 for R12 250. Hobson & Co and Brandon Leer were the auctioneers for the sale and both were delighted at the outcome of the sale and also expressed their appreciation to the Park family who were a privilege to work with over the years.


Description No of Stock Top Price Average Price Buyer
Pregnant Heifers & Cows 57 R21 000.00 R13 736.00 John Eustace
Mateable 23 R13 500.00 R9 217.00 Up George
Weaners 19 R8 500.00 R6 221.00 Ewald Khone
Bulls 3 R25 000.00 R23 000.00 A J White


Description No of Stock Top Price Average Price Buyer
Cows 5 R8 000.00 R8 000.00 D A Hobson & Sons
Mateable 6 R5 800.00 R5 800.00 D A Hobson & Sons


Description No of Stock Top Price Average Price Buyer
Preg Heifers 6 R9 800.00 R9 400.00 Ndlela Family Trust
Preg (2nd Calves) 14 R12 250.00 R11 232.00 Moolies Ridge Farm
Heifers with Calves 9 R12 000.00 R10 805.00 Moolies Ridge Farm
Preg Cows 30 R12 000.00 R10 820.00 Lawton Keevy
Matealbe Heifers 30 R8 200.00 R7 453.00 Ndlela Family Trust
Weaner Heifers 10 R4 200.00 R4 100.00 Waterfall Farming