You are currently viewing Camdeboo sale 16 September 2014

There were 727 sheep & Goats and 227 cattle sold at the recent Hobson & Co Camdeboo sale. Prices were astronomical as trade sheep fetched as much R22.22/kg and lambs sold for as much as R26.06/kg. There was also a notable parcel of 4 magnificent cows belonging to Richard Biggs selling for R10700 and weighing 710kg. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 6 R1120.00 R14.74/kg
Ewes 297 R1041.94 R19.20/kg
Lambs 382 R821.40 R23.94/kg
Boergoats 37 R940.54 R30.42/kg
XB Goats 5 R1190.00 R22.16/kg
Bulls 2 R6950.00 R12.52/kg
Cows 24 R5333.33 R12.05/kg
Calves 112 R3943.75 R18.03/kg
Heifers 31 R4064.52 R14.01/kg
Oxen 56 R5839.29 R14.32/kg

Pictures from the Sale: