You are currently viewing Charlgrove Sale 22 October 2013

There were 274 Cattle on auction at the recent Hobson & Co Charlgrove sale. Prices showed they were on the up, with C Grade prices fetching as much as R13.94/kg, and a parcel of 6 trade heifers fetching R18.43/kg Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock Sold No of Stock Sold Average Price Average Price/kg
Bulls 5 R7980.00 R12.63/kg
Cows 80 R6521.25 R12.95/kg
Calves 130 R3644.62 R16.59/kg
Heifers 4 R5912.50 R14.28/kg
Oxen 53 R5709.43 R15.32/kg
Cows & Calves 2 R6550.00 R6550.00

Please remember the Fat Stock Competition to be held in conjunction with the monthly Charlgrove sale on Tuesday 26 November 2013. Please get your entries to Dave Cockcroft 082 890 0209 or Wallo Currie 084 959 0940 or the Hobson & Co Office 046 622 4724. Prizes to be won!! Don’t miss out