You are currently viewing Charlgrove Sale 24 November 2015
Champion Cow sold by Mr Justin Stirk for R11400.00

It’s that time of the year again, the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom, the Christmas beetles are screeching and the end of year livestock auctions are in full swing. Every year I wonder how we are going to possibly sell all the stock that farmers have prepared for the auctions where they go head to head vying for the bragging rights for having the fattest or biggest animals in the district. I really enjoy it as farming is not for the faint hearted and it is so encouraging to see the farmers having a bit of fun and friendly competition where prizes are insignificant, some of them less than R10! The last week has seen Hobson & Co holding Christmas auctions at Mooiplaas just outside East London and at Charlgrove near Kenton on Sea, with the renowned Bedford fat stock sale. Unfortunately prices are dramatically down due to the ongoing drought up country as forced selling of stock continues and demand seems to be very lukewarm. Some very impressive oxen came under the hammer at Mooiplaas in an area not known for quality cattle but they paled into insignificance with the size and quality of the cattle offered at Charlgrove on Tuesday. More than 500 magnificent cattle were sold and the Bathurst West Champion of the yard trophy was won by Mr. Andrew White of Bedford who sold an Angus type ox which weighed 1180 kg for R18000 to a regular buyer on the sale Claremont farms from East London. The Pinky Cockcroft trophy for the most expensive fat cow was annexed by local Bonsmara breeder Justin Stirk with his cow of 715 kg which sold for R11000 and Terry Counihan from Manley Flats won the Freddie Ford prize for the best group of 4 young oxen. This group of well prepared 4 tooth Beefmaster type oxen weighed 580 kg and sold for R9750 each. Walter Currie from Kasouga farm came second in this class and received R18-88/kg for his A grade oxen which weighed 458kg. There was stiff competition in all categories and the local farmers need to be congratulated on the quality and condition of their stock. The Charlgrove sale must consistently month after month offer the best quality cattle and is recognized as the benchmark for setting prices in the area. Farmers in the southern OFS are in dire straits and I would like to encourage farmers in our area to assist with fodder, grazing or finance to alleviate the hardships these farmers are experiencing. I’m sure we all remember how they helped us when we had the terrible drought in the early 90’s. The Alexandria Beef Study Group has initiated a drive to coordinate this assistance and there has been an encouraging response. If anybody would like to contribute please contact Debora Joubert on 0826530927 Charlgrove Sale prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
 A Grades (A2+) 21  R8364.95  R18.38/kg
 AB Grades (AB2+)  23  R7189.19  R15.86/kg
 B Grades (B2+)  25  R7604.00  R15.02/kg
 Bulls (Slaughter)  10  R9430.31  R14.62/kg
 Cows (C0/very thin) 18  R4100.00  R11.20/kg
 Cows (Store/C1)  56  R5845.84  R12.13/kg
 Cows (C2+)  117  R7515.16  R14.01/kg
 Cows & Calves  3  R6200.00  R6200.00
 Heifers <180kg  2 R3000.00  R18.99/kg
 Heifers 181-210kg  14  R3575.00  R17.98/kg
 Heifers 211-250kg  15  R4186.67  R17.54/kg
 Heifers 251-280kg  26  R4650.00  R17.07/kg
 Heifers 281-320kg  5  R4710.00  R15.59/kg
 Heifers 321kg+  2  R5000.00  R14.93/kg
 Nguni Heifers 211-250kg  8  R4362.50  R19.61/kg
 Nguni Heifers 281-320kg  2  R4000.00  R14.93/kg
 Nguni Heifers 321kg+  5  R4400.00  R14.43/kg
 Nguni Tollies <180kg  4 R1500.00  R9.04/kg
 Nguni Tollies 181-210kg  1  R3200.00  R14.88/kg
 Nguni Tollies 211-250kg  2  R2000.00  R9.39/kg
 Nguni Tollies 281-320kg  3  R3050.00  R10.59/kg
 Trade Oxen  17  R5614.71  R14.07/kg
 Slaughter Oxen  21  R9504.71  R15.60/kg
 Tollies <180kg  10  R2430.00  R15.60/kg
 Tollies 181-210kg  4  R3462.50  R17.99/kg
 Tollies 211-250kg  51  R4273.33  R18.10/kg
 Tollies 251-280kg  34  R4560.29  R17.04/kg
 Tollies 281-320kg  21  R4930.24  R16.29/kg
 Tollies 321kg+  10  R5010.00  R14.67/kg