You are currently viewing Fitches Corner Sale 30 November 2021

There were 614 Sheep, Goats & Pigs and 261 cattle on offer at the recent Fitches Corner sale. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No Average Price Average Price/kg
A GRADE (THIN) 1 R13,200.00 R30.41
A GRADE A2+ 2 R13,000.00 R23.34
AB GRADE (THIN) 12 R9,466.67 R29.31
AB GRADE A2+ 5 R14,260.00 R30.12
ANGORA KAPATER(S) 13 R1,551.92 R39.19
ANGORA EWE(S) 11 R990.91 R26.43
ANGORA RAM(S) 3 R3,500.00 R67.31
BULL (SLAUGHTER) 11 R17,540.91 R27.35
BOERGOAT KAPATER(S) <35KG 36 R1,538.19 R63.60
BOERGOAT EWE(S) 30 R2,258.33 R49.24
BOERGOAT RAM(S) 3 R2,266.67 R37.57
XB GOATS 11 R420.00 R32.31
COW (VERY THIN) 18 R8,383.33 R24.54
STORE COW/C1 27 R10,707.41 R22.29
FAT COW C2+ 44 R14,388.64 R25.97
COW & CALF 2 R11,500.00 R32.58
FRIESLAND CALVES 201 -250KG 1 R6,000.00 R24.49
LIGHT HEIFER(S) <180KG 19 R6,336.84 R40.38
HEIFER(S) 181 -210KG 13 R8,484.62 R41.75
HEIFER(S) 211-250KG 1 R8,500.00 R35.42
JERSEY CALVES 7 R6,557.14 R27.55
LAMB(S) (THIN) 121 R1,160.87 R41.70
LAMB(S) A2+ 192 R1,940.49 R46.55
LAMB RAM(S) 5 R3,600.00 R47.62
MUTTON (VERY THIN) 4 R1,500.00 R35.71
MUTTON C1 130 R1,560.96 R31.65
MUTTON C2+ 32 R1,939.06 R32.20
NGUNI LIGHT HEIFER(S) >180KG 9 R5,355.56 R33.68
NGUNI HEIFER(S) 211 -250KG 5 R6,800.00 R28.81
NGUNI LIGHT TOLLIE(S) <180KG 12 R6,100.00 R33.70
NGUNI TOLLIE(S) 181 -210KG 1 R5,400.00 R27.98
NGUNI TOLLIE(S) 211 -250KG 6 R6,516.67 R30.45
TRADE OX(EN) 3 R9,066.67 R31.12
SLAUGHTER OX(EN) 4 R13,625.00 R27.06
PIGLET(S) 11 R1,168.18 R24.85
RAM(S) (SLAUGHTER) 12 R1,864.58 R29.91
LIGHT TOLLIE(S) <180KG 37 R6,697.30 R43.75
TOLLIE(S) 181-210KG 6 R8,516.67 R41.24
TOLLIE(S) 211-250KG 8 R9,587.50 R40.95
TOLLIE(S) 251 -280KG 1 R9,400.00 R36.15
TOLLIE(S) 281 -320KG 5 R10,740.00 R36.63
TOLLIE(S) >321KG 1 R10,500.00 R33.33