You are currently viewing Graaff Reinet Christmas Sale 09 December 2014

There were 1351 sheep & goats and 48 cattle at the recent Graaff Reinet Christmas sale. Prices were very good. The prize winners were as follows:

Charlie Herold Floating Trophy

  • 1st Borden Farming CC (Lloyd Short)
  • 2nd De Nek Lots (Pty) Ltd (Chris Dugmore)
  • 3rd De Nek Lots (Pty) Ltd (Chris Dugmore)

AB & Sean Hobson won the prize for selling the most stock throughout the year

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 14 R1033.57 R16.22/kg
Ewes 737 R1015.58 R20.83/kg
Lambs 513 R943.05 R27.78/kg
Boergoats 77 R899.94 R25.14/kg
XB Goats/Angoras 10 R728.94 R12.66/kg
Bulls 2 R8375.00 R15.51/kg
Cows 23 R7836.96 R15.40/kg
Calves 19 R3665.75 R19.49/kg
Oxen 4 R6700.00 R16.67/kg