You are currently viewing Graaff Reinet sale 19 November 2013

776 Sheep & 44 Cattle were sold at the recent Hobson & Co Monthly Graaff Reinet sale. Prices were once again exceptional. The quality of the stock was once again also exceptional.

The Charlie Herold Trophy was awarded to Garth Charles of Kendrew Estates for the best pen of stock on the sale

Second & Third prize was awarded to Kennith Biggs.

Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/KG
Rams 22 R1065.00 R15.65/kg
Ewes 382 R885.21 R17.98/kg
Lambs 361 R746.01 R22.70/kg
Boergoats 3 R863.33 R16.52/kg
Kids 8 R500.00 R26.32/kg
Bulls 1 R8600.00 R14.01/kg
Cows 14 R6082.14 R13.19/kg
Calves 16 R3887.50 R14.68/kg
Heifers 1 R4000.00 R11.11/kg
Oxen 12 R5314.67 R14.83/kg


Pictures from the Sale: