You are currently viewing Grahamstown Christmas sale 05 December 2013

There were 993 Sheep and Goats and 515 Cattle that came under the hammer at the Grahamstown Christmas stockfair. Prices were as per usual, extremely good with as many as 45 buyers registering. Price on the day were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/KG
Rams 35 R905.71 R15.12/kg
Ewes 460 R925.00 R18.95/kg
Lambs 430 R883.63 R23.45/kg
Boergoats 51 R1040.00 R21.99/kg
Angoras/XB 17 R405.00 R12.11/kg
Bulls 15 R8760.00 R13.67/kg
Cows 100 R5789.00 R12.95/kg
Calves 253 R3515.91 R16.95/kg
Heifers 11 R4395.45 R12.99/kg
Oxen 83 R6183.13 R14.25/kg
Fries/Jersey X 29 R1350.00 R7.02/kg
Cows & Calves 24 R6850.00 R6850.00