You are currently viewing Grahamstown Prestige Sale 10 February 2015
A group of Heavily pregnant heifers belonging to Begelly Pineries, Lot 24, sold for R9600 each

An excellent sale was held at the Grahamstown sale pens yesterday 10 February 2015. 414 top quality commercial females came under the hammer.  Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price
Nguni Cows & Calves 13 R8176.92 R9000
Beefmaster/Simbra/Bonsmara X Cows & Calves 62 R9496.77 R10900
Pregnant Nguni Heifers (7-9mths) 3 R7733.33 R8200
Pregnant Beefmaster/Simbra/Bonsmara X Heifers (7-9mths) 80 R8650.00 R10200
Pregnant Nguni Heifers (3-6mths) 12 R6966.66 R7000
Pregnant Beefmaster/Simbra/Bonsmara X Heifers (3-6mths) 89 R7785.39 R8600
Pregnant Nguni Heifers (2-3mths) 20 R6405.00 R6500
Pregnant Beefmaster/Simbra/Bonsmara X Heifers (2-3mths) 126 R7670.64 R8600
Nguni Weaner Heifers 9 R5377.77 R5900