You are currently viewing Grahamstown Sale 05 June 2014

There were 701 sheep and 407 cattle at the recent Hobson & Co Monthly auction. Prices were good with the stock ranging from being excellent to very average. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 18 R906.67 R13.12/kg
Ewes 232 R886.34 R16.85/kg
Lambs 364 758.93 R20.58/kg
Boergoats 56 838.39 R26.10/kg
XB Goats/Angoras 31 R422.58 R10.48/kg
Bulls 13 R7211.54 R13.08/kg
Cows 98 R5303.57 R11.48/kg
Calves 248 R3401.21 R17.12/kg
Heifers 16 R4078.13 R12.97/kg
Oxen 27 R5674.07 R13.89/kg
Cows & Calves 4 R7325.00 R7325.00
Jersey X 1 R1600.00 R6.81/kg