You are currently viewing Grahamstown Sale 07 November 2013

There were 858 Sheep & Goats and 625 cattle that came under the hammer on the recent Hobson & Co monthly Grahamstown auction. Incredibly, 46 buyers registered for the auction. Hobson & Co in conjunction with the farmers  association held a fat stock competition, with farmers lining up to take the top honours. Prizes were as follows:

Best pen of lambs (5 or more to count)

  • 1st Prize: NR Rademan (Sold for R22.63/kg)
  • 2nd Prize: Sunkist (Sold for R21.05/kg)

Best pen of Mutton (5 or more to count)

  • 1st Prize: DB Pohl (Sold for R17.92/kg)
  • 2nd Prize: JS Brown (Sold for R17.34/kg)

Fat Cow (2 to count)

  • 1st Prize: CG Schoonbee (Sold for R15.89/kg)
  • 2nd Prize: RG Tarr (Sold for R14.67/kg)

Fat Ox (2 to count)

  • 1st Prize: Bottelgat Farming (Sold for R19.20/kg)
  • 2nd Prize: Bottelgat Farming (Sold for R19.20/kg)

Winner of the Billy Mills trophy: Mike Palmer

Prices for the sale were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams 28 R1030.71 R16.25/kg
Ewes 367 R806.81 R18.92/kg
Lambs 352 R747.01 R21.94/kg
Goats 106 R745.94 R18.21/kg
Kids 5 R842.00 R32.38/kg
Bulls 11 R7445.45 R13.62/kg
Cows (Fat) 48 R6518.15 R14.23/kg
Cows (Store) 96 R5354.51 R12.68/kg
Calves 311 R3182.07 R16.31/kg
Heifers (300kg+) 17 R4070.59 R15.66/kg
Oxen (300kg+) 59 R6068.64 R15.98/kg
Cows & Calves 81 R6745.06 R6745.06

Pictures from the Sale: