You are currently viewing Grahamstown Sale 31 March 2015
Grahamstown Sale Pens

There were 943 Sheep and Goats and 630 cattle on the recent Hobson & Co Grahamstown sale. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Thin Lambs 5 R600 R18.50/kg
Lambs A2+ 495 R866.41 R23.36/kg
Store Lambs 42 R763.57 R22.99/kg
Lambs AB Grade 55 R925.00 R22.98/kg
Mutton C1 129 R755.74 R16.91/kg
Mutton C2+ 85 R983.88 R17.08/kg
Rams (Slaughter) 2 R1050.00 R15.00/kg
Boergoat Kapaters <35kg 57 R599.12 R29.11/kg
Boergoat Kapaters >35kg 2 R1140.00 R21.51/kg
Maiden Boergoat Ewes 70 R665.43 R29.41/kg
Boergoat Ewes 2 R1010.00 R21.04/kg
Boergoat Rams 1 R700.00 R14.00/kg
Angora Kapaters 1 R400.00 R16.00/kg
Cows (Very Thin) 39 R4906.41 R11.32/kg
Store Cows/C1 93 R5186.56 R11.90/kg
Cows C2+ 50 R7316.00 R13.92/kg
Cows & Calves 32 R7637.50 R7637.50
Bulls (Slaughter) 19 R8005.15 R13.89/kg
A Grades (A2+) 1 R6050.00 R15.51/kg
AB Grade (Thin) 12 R5683.33 R15.12/kg
AB Grades (AB2+) 20 R5230.00 R14.09/kg
Light Heifers <180kg 65 R3360.71 R19.30/kg
Heifers 181-210kg 19 R3589.47 R18.56/kg
Heifers 211-250kg 5 R4500.00 R18.37/kg
Heifers 251-280kg 1 R4600.00 R17.36/kg
Heifers 281-320kg 2 R3300.00 11.07/kg
Heifers 320+kg 2 R4550.00 R12.91/kg
Light Tollies <180kg 70 R3726.43 R21.26/kg
Tollies 181-210kg 35 R3847.36 R20.40/kg
Tollies 211-250kg 31 R4856.45 R20.69/kg
Tollies 251-280kg 31 R4138.71 R15.44/kg
Tollies 280-320kg 16 R4665.63 R15.91/kg
Tollies 320+kg 2 R4875.00 R14.77/kg
Nguni Heifers 181-210kg 15 R2993.33 R17.66/kg
Nguni Heifers 251-280kg 4 R4050.00 R17.69/kg
Nguni Heifers 281-320kg 14 R3878.57 R14.80/kg
Light Nguni Tollies <180kg 8 R1887.50 R11.53/kg
Nguni Tollies 211-250kg 18 R2863.86 R12.27/kg
Nguni Tollies 251-280kg 6 R3750.00 R13.64/kg
NguniTollies 280-320kg 2 R3550.00 R12.54/kg
Jersey Calves 15 R2646.67 R10.68/kg