You are currently viewing Mickey Phillips Dorper Sale 18 February 2015

Hobson & Co held the Mickey Phillips Dorper Ram & Ewe sale in conjunction with the Quattro Boergoat Ram sale at the Tarkastad Showgrounds on Wednesday 18th February. These two brands have built a reputation to supply outstanding, sought after genetics into the market, and this offering was no exception. The Dorper industry is striving to produce a “fatter” type of sheep after years of the breed becoming drier with only localised fat around the tail. The Mickey Phillips stud has for years had the name for this ideal sheep and buyers from throughout South Africa and Namibia showed interest.

The Quattro group sold first where 29 Boergoat rams came under the hammer of well-known Eastern Cape auctioneer Paul Mills. A 100% sale was achieved at an average of R5965.00 an improvement of R1250 from Last year. Anton Scheffer was the seller of the highest priced ram, Lot 1 which fetched R25000. Most of the rams sold in the range between R4500 and R5000 and the general consensus was that the rams were good value for money. Interest in the Dorper and White Dorper rams which were sold next was far greater than last year, with both stud and commercial buyers interested. The highlight of the sale was undoubtedly the R104000 which was paid for the ram Euro, sold as lot 1 to WAL van Wyk of Namibia who also bought 2 more rams on sale.

The average price of the 24 Dorper rams offered, which included 5 type 5 Rams, 10 Stud and 9 flock rams was R10833, way up from the 2014 average of R5924. Even if you discount the R104000 ram, the average was far superior which bodes well for the breed, especially this type of animal. An outstanding offering of 7 White Dorper rams sold disappointingly for an average of R5000, up R500 from last year.

The entire group of 39 2011 born ewes in the Mickey Phillips stud were auctioned last, and here again there was local and international interest. There was particular interest in Jojo daughters and the top price achieved was R30000 for lot 2, a type 5 ewe which was bought by the CF Mitton Dorper Stud. The same buyer bought lot 16 for R12000 and well-known Dorper breeder Jannie Visagie was a bulk buyer on the auction. The average paid for the ewes, of which 17 were not yet pregnant, was R6460, slightly down from last year where massive prices were paid for numerous ewes.

All sellers were delighted by the outcome of the sale, and would like to thank all the buyers for their continued loyal support. Paul Hobson of the Auctioneers Hobson & Co was also pleased with the auction and commented that both those locally developed breeds have a huge place in the market, especially with the current oil price remaining low. Sinthetic fibres are going to become a possibility which could impact negatively on both wool and mohair. He urged farmers not to chase high markets but rather stick to the breeds which are best suited for their conditions.

Pictures from the recent Sale.