You are currently viewing Mooiplaas Sale 17 November 2015
Champion of the Yard

There were 300 cattle bought and sold at the recent Mooiplaas sale. Prices for calves have taken a huge plunge due to the drought in the Northern part of South Africa. Slaughter prices still held firm. The prize for the Champion of the Yard was won by Uli Hein. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
A Grades (Thin) 6 R5583.33 R13.91/kg
A Grades (A2+) 3 R7800.00 R18.69/kg
AB Grades (Thin) 1 R2200.00 R9.82/kg
Bulls (Slaughter) 5 R9240.00 R13.68/kg
Cows (Very Thin) 27 R4159.26 R10.95/kg
Cows (Store/C1) 27 R5770.37 R12.15/kg
Cows (C2+) 17 R8279.41 R14.73/kg
Cows & Calves 18 R6250.00 R6250.00
Slaughter Oxen 11 R10163.64 R16.25/kg
Jersey Calves 3 R3800.00 R13.26/kg
Heifers <180kg 15 R2933.33 R19.10/kg
Heifers 181-210kg 4 R4675.00 R22.97/kg
Heifers 211-250kg 15 R4600.00 R20.10/kg
Heifers 251-280kg 2 R4350.00 R15.76/kg
Heifers 281-320kg 5 R45000.00 R15.52/kg
Heifers 321kg+ 1 R3500.00 R10.74/kg
Nguni Tollies <180kg 7 R1564.59 R11.09/kg
Nguni Tollies 181-210kg 16 R2300.00 R12.32/kg
Nguni Tollies 211-250kg 3 R3100.00 R13.84/kg
Nguni Tollies 281-320kg 7 R4257.49 R13.93/kg
Tollies <180kg 14 R2464.29 R15.70/kg
Tollies 181-210kg 14 R3225.00 R16.56/kg
Tollies 211-250kg 33 R3728.29 R16.03/kg
Tollies 250-280kg 26 R4240.38 R15..91/kg
Tollies 281-320kg 14 R4535.81 R15.32/kg
Tollies 321kg+ 6 R4416.67 R13.70/kg


ize winner for the Champion of the yard was Uli Hein. Prices were as follows: