You are currently viewing Mount Stewart Sale 09 March 2022

There were 5657 Angoras, Boergoats and Dorper Rams on offer at the recent Mount Stewart sale. Prices were as follows:

Description No Top Price Average Price
ANGORA KID(S) 2015 R2,150.00 R1,768.50
ANGORA KAPATER(S) 1521 R3,050.00 R1,863.08
ANGORA EWE(S) 2061 R2,900.00 R2,162.40
ANGORA RAM(S)(BREEDING RAMS) 25 R34,000.00 R8,420.00
ANGORA RAM(S) 8 R3,600.00 R2,275.00
BOERGOAT RAM (STUD) 1 R8,000.00 R8,000.00
BOERGOAT RAM (FLOCK 3 R6,000.00 R5,500.00
DORPER EWE(S) 10 R4,000.00 R3,875.00
DORPER RAM(S) 13 R8,000.00 R4,846.15