You are currently viewing Paterson NG Kerk Sale Saterday 02 November 2013

Everyone was in good spirits at the Hobson & Co NG Kerk sale held at the Paterson sale pens on Saterday 02 November. 240 Cattle that came under the hammer. The stock on offer was in good condition, considering the rains have only just fallen. Prices showed once again that they were on the rise. Notable Prices were a fat cow sold by Mr RW Mukheibir which fetched R15.34/kg and Mr Tubby du Preez selling a fat Simmentaler cow for R15.06/kg. Also Mr Andrew van Kerken sold 3 Bonsmara bulls which averaged R16200. Prices on the day were as follows:

Type Of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Bulls 9 R10261.00 R16.82/kg
Cows 49 R6443.88 R12.66/kg
Calves 88 R3271.88 R16.30/kg
Heifers 25 R6200.00 R15.84/kg
Oxen 8 R4668.75 R12.65/kg
Cows & Calves 3 R6800.00 R6800.00
Frieslands 58 R2337.16 R9.56/kg

Sale Pics: