You are currently viewing The Classic Sale 09 September 2014

The 3rd Simm Classic Cattle sale was held at the Hobson & Co Auction Yard in Grahamstown on Tuesday 9 September. The Quality on offer was the best yet and the advantage of screening all the animals before the sale is definitely paying off. 51 Buyers registered for the sale and interest was keen on all breeds of both bulls and females, with Simmentalers the stars of the day.

Members Andrew Masterson, Frik van Rooyen, and Johan (Tubby) du Preez expressed their satisfaction at the outcome of the sale where the guest sellers namely Bull van Rensberg, James & Robert Parker, Mark Ford, Daan van Rensberg and Gary Phillips also attained outstanding prices for their commercial and stud stock. Brandon Leer, well known auctioneer officiated, while Hobson & Co were the agents for the day. They were delighted, especially by the performance of the simmentaler bulls and females, and the registered Angus females.

Sale Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price Buyer
Angus Bulls 7 R25142.86 R31000.00 Andrich Boerdery
Simbra Bulls 7 R24571.43 R30000.00 CA Schoeman
Simmentaler Bulls 7 R32000.00 R41000.00 CD Loots
Angus Cows & Calves 3 R14500.00 R15500.00 R & J Parker Trust
Pregnant Angus Heifers 6 R10750.00 R12000.00 Gorah Boerdery
Open Angus Heifer 1 R11000.00 R11000.00 Insurance Business Trust
Pregnant Simbra Heifers (>6mths) 6 R9033.33 R10250.00 Sprincotoms
Pregnant Simbra Heifers (<6mths) 11 R8518.18 R10400.00 Leeukop Boerdery
Simbra Heifers (RWB) 8 R7000.00 R7000.00 Gernan Farming Trust
Simmentaler Cows & Calves 7 R15857.14 R19000.00 Andrew Masterson Trust
Commercial Females
Simmentaler Cows & Calves 3 R13750.00 R16000.00 EH Venter
Pregnant Simmentaler Heifers (Point of Calving) 11 R11363.63 R12000.00 EH Venter
Open Simmentaler Heifers 6 R8850.00 R9600.00 EH Venter
Simbra Cows & Calves 8 R9300.00 R9300.00 Lutge Investments
Simbra Heifers (Point of Calving) 8 R9275.00 R9500.00 Lutge Investments
Simbra Heifers (Pregnant) 14 R7928.57 R8400.00 CA Schoeman