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Charlgrove Sale 13 April 2021

TYPE OF STOCK No AVERAGE PRICE AVERAGE PRICE/KG A GRADE A2+ 1 R11,700.00 R28.54 BULL (SLAUGHTER) 3 R19,900.00 R26.13 B GRADE B2+ 1 R11,400.00 R24.26 COW (VERY THIN) 14 R7,757.14 R19.29 STORE COW/C1 19 R9,736.84 R19.98 FAT COW C2+ 35 R12,187.14 R22.99 COW & CALF 4 R9,000.00 R21.05 LIGHT HEIFER(S) <180KG 38 R5,565.79 R42.90 HEIFER(S)…

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Virtual Bathurst Show Competition Results

Voting has closed on the Virtual Bathurst Show competition. Well done to all who participated! Here are the results of the various sections Winners by category: Stud Bull- Juan du Randt (Sussex Bull) Stud Cow & Calf- Keith Peinke (Boran Cow & Calf) Stud Pregnant Heifer- Keith Peinke (Boran Heifer) Stud Cattle (Non EC) Stud Bull (Non EC)-…

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Bathurst Show Sale 02 April 2016

  Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price /kg Lamb ,1.00 1,360.00 R 17.00 A Grades ,24.00 11,400.00 R 22.19 Bull (Slaughter) ,1.00 7,800.00 R 14.18 Fat Cows ,30.00 9,890.00 R 16.64 Slaughter Oxen ,15.00 14,146.67 R 18.56 Dorper Rams ,4.00 2,675.00  Top Price: R3100

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Bathurst Show 05 April 2014

There was a good turnout at this years Bathurst Show. Well done to all who entered the sheep and cattle competitions. 53 Slaughter cattle and 10 Lambs were on offer, with 4 white dorper rams and 6 boergoats also being sold. The top price for the white dorper rams was R3200 and R3100 for the…

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Bedford Christmas Sale 04 December 2013

There were 586 sheep and 120 cattle bought and sold at the Bedford Christmas Stockfair. Well done to the Bedford farmers who entered in the competition. Prices on the day were extremely good especially with mutton once again selling for above market value. More notable prices were C-grade cattle selling for R14.37/kg and oxen averaged…

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Charlgrove Fatstock Sale 26 November 2013

There were 588 Cattle sold at the recent Charlgrove Fatstock and monthly Auction. Prices were exceptional, with the quality of cattle outstanding.Weaners were selling up to R18.66kg, and fat cows up to 15.26/kg Well done to all those who entered in the competition. Competition results were as follows: Fat Ox: 1st Place: Wallo Currie (Ox…

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