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Hobson & Co Staff News

We are very sad to say goodbye to Jane Evans who left at the end of February. She will be missed by all. A very warm welcome to Sunell Lockwood who has joined the team as from the beginning of March.

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Umsenge Nguni Sale 24 October 2013

The Umsenge Nguni Auction turned the form book on its head and had an excellent sale on Thursday 24 October. In an upset about as big as the Sharks beating the Stormers, the prices achieved were way above expectation and interest in pregnant heifers was extraordinary. 40 Buyers registered for the auction on a beautiful…

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Glenheath Tuli Sale 26 September 2013

The 1st Glenheath Tuli Auction of Gordon Gillfillan and Dave Mullins was held on Thursday 26th September at Glenheath in the Middelburg District. The pair could not have picked a tougher year to start, but fortunately came through the ordeal with flying colours. 42 Buyers registerd, mainly from the Eastern Cape and all 22 bulls…

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Alphaeton Bonsmara Sale 11 October 2013

Sale Report: The 8th Alphaeton Bonsmara sale was held on Friday 11 October 2013. 24 Bulls came under the hammer of Auctioneer Brandon Leer. The quality of the bulls this year was once again very good. The top price of R40000 was paid for lot 7 by Pyp Lombard of Adelaide. The bulls averaged R237661.90,…

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Preston Park Sale 01 October 2013

There were 277 cattle sold at the recent Hobson & Co Preston Park Sale. The quality of cattle sold on the day was very good considering the current conditions. Prices for quality cattle were good, while poor quality fetched below market prices. Prices were as follows: Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average…

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Quattro Sale 19 September 2013

The Quattro sale was a huge success. 57 buyers registered. The top price of R24000 was paid for a boergoat ram, bought by Anton Oelofse of Jansenville. The top priced boergoat ewe was R10000 bought by Gerrie Ferreira of Outshoorn. Prices were as follows: Boergoat Rams Name No Sold Average Price Top Price Doornpoort 15…

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Classic Cattle Sale 10 September 2013

The classic Cattle Auction was held at the Hobson & Co Auction Yard in Grahamstown on Tuesday 10 September under very trying climatic and economic conditions. Fortunately a quality offering of Simbra , Simmentaler and Angus cattle were in demand with good prices being fetched for the bulls and above average prices for the females.…

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Brakfontein Sale 06 September 2013

The 27th Brakfontein Bull Sale was held at Brakfontein , Bedford on Friday 6th September . The ongoing drought was of huge concern to everybody involved with the auction , but 41 buyers still registered , mainly from the local areas . Buyers were very specific and were prepared to pay for bulls of their…

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Grahamstown Sale 05 August 2013

There were 479 Sheep and 310 Cattle at the recent Hobson & Co Grahamstown monthly Auction. 29 Buyers registered at this truly unique livestock auction. Prices were once again good with the quality of the stock ranging from exceptional to below average. Prices were as follows: Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average…

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Adelaide Sale 04 August 2013

Hobson & Co held their monthly sale in Adelaide on Wednesday 04 September. Sheep were in high demand with prices reaching above market value. They were as follows: Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg Rams 7 R895.71 R13.48/kg Ewes 142 R822.25 R16.81/kg Lambs 243 R788.25 R23.36/kg Bulls 5 R7990.00 R12.37/kg Cows…

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Preston Park Sale 30 August 2013

There were 212 Cattle bought and sold at the recent Hobson & Co Preston Park Sale held on Thursday 30 August. Prices were market related, with quality cattle fetching good prices. Prices were as follows: Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg Cows & Calves 5 R5540.00 R5540.00 Weaners 112 R2984.60 R14.25/kg…

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Charlgrove Sale 27 August 2013

There was a good turnout of cattle at the Hobson & Co Monthly Charlgrove auction. 648 Cattle came under the hammer, with quality cattle fetching good prices. Notable prices were: A fat cow sold for R8250 by Darian Keeton of Hope Farm realizing R13.64/kg John Ford sold 15 Weaners for R4400 achieving R15.77/kg Prices were…

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Bedford Sale 14 August 2013

The Bedford monthly auction was held on Wednesday 14 August 2013. Both prices and quality of stock on the day were very mixed. Prices were as follows: Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg Rams 37 R977.30 R12.73/kg Ewes 571 R784.71 R16.41/kg Lambs 24 R946.67 R19.09/kg Bulls 3 R8800.00 R11.92/kg Cows 58…

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Adelaide Sale 07 August 2013

356 Sheep & 148 Cattle came under the hammer at the recent Hobson & Co Adelaide sale. Good quality stock were on offer, with prices being above market value, with mutton once again selling extremely well. Prices were as follows: Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/KG Rams 9 R960.00 R12.93/kg Ewes…

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Camdeboo Production Sale 06 August 2013

There were 973 Sheep & Goats and 410 Cattle which came under the hammer at the first camdeboo sale held on the farm of Mr Trenly Spence. The sale was well attended with sponsors setting up stalls and showcasing their products making the day an interesting event. Prices were as follows: Type of Stock No…

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Bull Buying 2013

It is that time of the year again . It’s BULL SALE time ! Do I need a bull ? Can I afford one ? These questions go through our minds as we contemplate farming conditions , financial situations and the present state of the livestock markets . We are in a very competitive industry…

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