You are currently viewing Bedford Christmas Sale 04 December 2013

There were 586 sheep and 120 cattle bought and sold at the Bedford Christmas Stockfair. Well done to the Bedford farmers who entered in the competition. Prices on the day were extremely good especially with mutton once again selling for above market value. More notable prices were C-grade cattle selling for R14.37/kg and oxen averaged R16.52/kg with the average KG’s being 590.59. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Lambs 302 R882.35 R22.60/kg
Ewes 261 R1003.98 R18.82/kg
Rams 9 R966.67 R15.00/kg
Goats 14 R850.14 R23.61/kg
Cows 59 R7673.63 R14.37/kg
Oxen 58 R9756.90 R16.52/kg
Heifers 3 R3733.33 R11.67/kg