You are currently viewing Frontier Farmers Day 17 July 2014

There was an excellent turnout at the Frontier Bonsmara Farmers day held at Brakfontein Farm, Bedford. 158 People registered, with close on 300 people attending the event. The main sponsors for the Farmers day was Sparta Beef, Standard Bank, Plaas Publishing , de Klerk & de Villiers, Kei Livestock, Brandon Leer Auctioneering Trust, and BKB. The guest speakers were Neil Jacobsohn, Lou Labuschagne, and Andrew Masterson. Neil Jacobsohn left the audience in awe with his thought provoking insight on the future of business and what the future could hold. Lou Labuschagne gave us some insight on the successful feedlotting at Sparta Beef with interesting facts and figures. This gave farmers an idea of what happens to their product once they have been sold. Andrew Masterson gave a very interesting practical demonstration and discussion on JJ Parks’ Frontier bulls. The event was a huge success.

Pictures of the Frontier Farmers Day: