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Frontier Bonsmaras

There was a good turnout at the 12th Frontier Bonsmara Bull sale. 94 Buyers registered on the day. First up were 58 top quality bulls. Lot 3 (GCD160122) and lot 22 (DAJ 160129) both fethched R80000.00 with the balance of the bulls averaging R47120.69. For the 12th time in a row there was a 100% Sale on Bulls.  With recent widespread rains in the Eastern Cape, expectations were high on the females, and they didnt disappoint. With no doubt the highest quality of females on offer, the golden oldies started off with a bang, with lot 69 (GCD 070049), a pregnant cow, fetching the top price of R50000.00 paid by James and Shaun Thompson. Next up were 158 top quality commercial females which averaged R17710.44. These included the famous Handley genetics which fetched as much as R21500.00 for pregnant cows.

Sale Averages:

Type of Stock No Top Price Average Price Seller
Bonsmara Bulls 58 R 80 000.00 R 47 120.69 Craig Handley (Lot 3) & Justin Stirk (Lot 22)
Stud Pregnant Cows 15 R 50 000.00 R 22 666.67 Craig Handley (Lot 69)
Stud Cows & Calves 1 R 13 000.00 R 13 000.00 Craig Handley (Lot 13)
Commercial Pregnant Cows 62 R 21 500.00 R 18 189.52 Craig Handley (Lot 88)
Commercial Cows & Calves 14 R 20 500.00 R 17 142.86 Brandon Handley (Lot 84)
Commercial Pregnant Heifers 76 R 21 000.00 R 17 710.53 Brandon Handley (Lot 92 & Lot 93)
Commercial Open Heifers 6 R 14 000.00 R 14 000.00 Adrian & Elizabeth Ford (Lot 120)

Pictures from the Sale 2018

Sale Report 2017Frontier Logo

There was a good turnout at the recent Frontier Bonsmara sale held in Grahamstown on 16 August 2017. 50 Bulls and 164 quality selected commercial females were on offer with. The top bull was sold by Craig Handley for R105000 to Brent McNamara of Wintercastle Bonsmaras, while the second top bull sold by Justin Stirk for R100000 to Thinus Maritz from Vaalwater. Averages were as follows:

Type of Stock No Average Price Top Price Buyer
Bulls 50 R 45 900.00 R 105 000.00 Winter Castles Bonsmaras
Cows & Calves 7 R 15 000.00 R 15 000.00 AJ van den Heever
Pregnant Heifers 6-9 Mths 62 R 14 920.16 R 16 200.00 Tshezi Farming
Pregnant Heifers 3-6 Mths 36 R 15 011.11 R 16 200.00 Limerick Trust
Open/Weaner Heifers 59 R 8 207.63 R 10 600.00 Limerick Trust

Pictures from the Sale:

Sale Report 2016Frontier Logo

Always one of the highlights of the Hobson and Co calendar the 2016 Frontier Bonsmara sale once again created a carnival atmosphere at the newly renovated Hobson and Co auction yard, with over 250 people in attendance. 58 thick, well-muscled bulls were offered, offering a bull for everyone from the top stud breeders in the country, to the diverse local commercial market. A big thank you to all who attended the sale for putting their trust in Hobson and Co and Frontier Bonsmaras.

The group consisting of Justin Stirk, Craig Handley, Brett Knott and new member Andrew v Kerken maintained their record of selling every bull ever offered over the 11 sales. The 58 bulls were sold at an average of R37,068.00, The top priced bull (Lot No. 7 GCD 14-143) was a Craig Handley bull sold to Darryl and Jono Fetting of Alphaeton Bonsmaras for R140,000.00. Bulls were sold to commercial farmers from all corners of the Eastern Cape and as far afield as the Free State, Limpopo and Natal

There was a special moment during the sale, when the Frontier Bonsmara Breeders donated all the proceeds from bull No.46 to Huis Diaz Old Age Home in Alexandria. The bull was sold to Johan and Matthew Liesenburg of Birha for R28,000.

The bull sale was followed by a quality offering of commercial females. With the production stock market under massive pressure, it was a great opportunity for buyers to purchase Frontier bred females at very affordable prices. 59 Pregnant Heifers were sold at an average of R9,181

Prices were as follows:

Seller No. of Bulls Average Top Price Buyer
Craig Handley (GL Handley & Sons) 19 R46,947.37 R140,000.00 Darryl and Jono Fetting (Fort Beaufort)
Justin Stirk (Goodwoods Bonsmaras) 24 R32,875.00 R58,000.00 Geoff Bladen (Bathurst)
Peter & Brett Knott (Bothas Post) 12 R32,666.67 R52,000.00 Sandre Erasmus (Cradock)
Andrew v Kerken (van Kerken Bonsmaras) 3 R28,000.00 R33,000.00 Rod Nightingale (Alexandria)

Sale Report 2015

The sale was well attended by both local farmers and stud breeders from as far afield as Limpopo and Natal. 108 Buyers were registered and over 300 people were in attendance. A big thank you to all who attended the sale for putting their trust in Hobson and Co and Frontier Bonsmaras. 62 Bulls sold at an average of R 39160, this meant that the Frontier Breeders maintained their 100% selling record over 10 sales/years.  I think members Justin Stirk, Craig Handley, Brett Knott,  JJ Park and Daryl Fetting deserve much praise for the impressive string of bulls they offered. A special mention must be made of JJ Park, who on his last sale before he moves to Australia sold 2 bulls for over R100000. The top priced bull was sold for R120000 by Mr JJ Park to Mr Tinus Maritz of Vaalwater in Limpopo. One of the highlights of the day was the sale of a bull that was donated by the Frontier Bonsmara Breeders to the Sunshine Coast Hospice. The bull was sold to Mr Craig Lake of Nanaga for R34000. Another special moment was an award presented to Mr Peter Knott by the Bonsmara Breed Society, acknowledging his 40 years of work in producing the highest quality Bonsmara Bulls. The female sale was outstanding considering the current production stock market, with all 157 commercial females sold at an average of R8500. Prices were as follows:


Seller No of Bulls sold Average Price Top Price Buyer
JJ Park (Kingspark Bonsmaras) 12 R48666.66 R120000 Thinus Martiz
Craig Handley (GL Handley & Sons) 16 R45500.00 R80000 Danie Olivier
Peter & Brett Knott (Bothas Post) 7 R34857.14 R50000 Correctional Services
Justin Stirk (Goodwoods Bonsmaras) 22 R33363.63 R50000 Andrew van Kerken
Darryl Fetting (Alphaeton Bonsmaras) 5 R27600.00 R32000 Alex & David Pringle

Commercial Females:

Type of Females No of Females Average Price Top Price Top Seller
Pregnant Cows (6-9 Mths) 30 R9370.00 R9600.00 Mark Lake
Cows & Calves 2 R8500.00 R8500.00 Dave Cordner
Pregnant Heifers (6-9 Mths) 110 R8623.64 R9700.00 Andrew van Kerken
Pregnant Heifers (4-5 Mths) 10 R8950.00 R9000.00 Hugh Collett
Open Heifers 5 R6800.00 R6800.00 Adrian & Elizabeth Ford

Pictures from the Sale:


Frontier Farmers Day

There was a good turnout at the Frontier Farmers Day held on Jono Bradfield’s farm in Bathurst. The event started off with a talk by Dougie Stern on Community Co-operation, then Dr. Martin Ferreira gave a very interesting insight on Redwater. Ian Walsh of New Zealand then gave his talk on the Optimal Animal, which was followed by a practical demonstration on Jono Bradfields cattle. The day was well organised with 134 people registering on the day

Photo’s from the Day


Sale Report 2014

The Frontier Bonsmara group consisting of members, Justin Stirk, JJ Park, Craig Handley, Brett Knott and Mark Lake held a hugely successful cattle auction in Grahamstown on 20 August. 102 buyers registered for this prestigious sale held at the Hobson & Co auction yard and for the 9th successive year all the bulls were sold. There was great excitement when lot 11 belonging to JJ Park was knocked down to Nick Serfontein of Sernick Bonsmaras of Kroonstad for R180000, a record for a Bonsmara Bull in the Eastern Cape. Lot 39, also bred by JJ Park achieved R150000 and was sold to Boeram Venter of Disco Bonsmaras in Kirkwood. The 62 bulls offered and sold for R40935, also a record for this sale. The commercial females which are offered on the auction are bred by clients of Frontier Bonsmaras. These high quality cattle sold well which bodes well for the future as the female market is under pressure at the moment.

Average Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price Seller
Bulls 62 R40935.00 R180000 JJ Park
Pregnant Cows (5-9mths) 16 R9287.50 R10100 Peter & Brett Knott
Pregnant Cows (<5mths) 3 R8600.00 R8600 Justin Stirk
Pregnant Heifers (5-9mths) 83 R8989.15 R10000 Justin Stirk
Pregnant Heifers (<5mths) 42 R8211.90 R8800 Andrew v Kerken
Open Heifers 57 R5701.75 R6100 Adrian Ford / Gerrit Meyer

Seller Averages were as follows:

Seller No of Bulls Sold Average Price Top Price
GL Handley & Sons 18 R40833.33 R55000.00
MJ Lake 5 R26000.00 R30000.00
DN Stirk & Son 20 R36200.00 R62000.00
JR Park 12 R61500.00 R180000.00
PG Knott 7 R30142.85 R42000.00


The History of Frontier Bonsmara

Frontier Bonsmaras was founded in 2006 after the closure of the East Cape Club sale. Five like-minded breeders from tick infested areas of the Eastern Cape combined to provide bulls to this region from one central point. Paul Hobson was instrumental in setting up the sale venue in Grahamstown, and Hobson and Co conduct the sale each year. Successful sales have been held averaging between R19000 and R38000 for bulls. 55-60 bulls and 200 commercial females are sold each year.

In Glynn Handley and Peter Knott Frontier Bonsmaras boast two of the oldest breeders in the country. Their knowledge of the breed has been invaluable to the younger members of the group. Glynn passed away in November 2013 and his friendship and stockmanship will be sorely missed.

Frontier Bonsmaras are committed to breeding superior adapted animals for the commercial and stud breeder. Our aim is to breed thick, medium framed fertile cattle which are well-adapted to the harsh disease challenges of the Eastern Cape. Frontier bulls should thus, thrive in any part of the country. We all practice AI and make use of the best available genetics to continuously improve our herds. The combined number of females exceeds 700 and provides breeders with a wide pool of genetics on one annual sale.

Frontier bulls and females can be found locally, in the Karoo, the extreme cold of the North Eastern Cape sourveld, as far afield as the Free State and the stifling heat of the Lowveld. They have adapted well and left an affordable footprint throughout our country.

Sale Pictures 2013: