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Normandy Dohne Stud



Farmers Day Report 2019 

A very successful Normandy Dohne Farmers Day was held at Grassdale on Thursday 24th January.

More than 70 farmers and businessmen from the area attended a very interesting day organized by Hobson & Co.

John Westwood, recently appointed non executive director of Hobson & Co had the crowd spellbound with his presentation titled “Walk the talk – the power of implementation “. Hugh Oxenham, director of ACS 360 then followed with a brief talk on inter generational and tax planning.

Jean and Lionel de la Harpe must be congratulated on the quality of the 61 rams which were on display and available for sale on their annual sale to be held on Tuesday 5th February.

Sale Report 2018

The Normandy Dohne sale was held on the Farm Grassdale, Graaff Reinet on 6 February 2018. An outstanding string of 62 Rams and 251 ewes were on offer. 46 Buyers registered at the sale, with buyers coming as far as the Western Cape and Free State. The top priced ram sold for R21000, with the rams averaging R10358.87 each. The ewes also sold very well with 251 averaging R2134.16. Prices and averages were as follows:

Type of Stock No Average Price Top Price Buyer
MAIDEN DOHNE EWE(S) 91 R 2 047.25 R 2 100.00 JCFJ Investments
DOHNE EWE(S) 160 R 2 183.59 R 2 275.00 AD McEwan
DOHNE RAM(S) 62 R 10 358.87 R 21 000.00 NWP Scott

Pictures from the Sale: