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Commercial Females on sale:

Sale Averages 2020

Description No Top Price Average Price Buyer
REG COW & CALF 9 R 26 200.00 R 15 866.67 MAZVIKADEI HOLDINGS
REG OPEN HEIFER 15 R 12 500.00 R 8 186.67 QHINA NGUNIS


Sale Report 2019

How tough the farming year once again showed at the Umsenge Nguni sale held in Grahamstown on 26th September. Outstanding quality stock had limited interest and the Umsenge members must be congratulated on meeting the marketing in a big way. The bull sale was very tight with the top price being R37000 paid for lot 7 belonging to Glenam  Knott of Qhina Ngunis. Glenam also achieved the highest price of R17000 for a pregnant heifer and Vernon Sparks of Bushkloof Ngunis sold 2 pregnant heifers for R15000 each.

Type of Stock No Top Price Average Price Buyer
BULLS 11 R 37 000.00 R 20 909.09 CLIVE ZULBERG T/A ZULGUNI
COWS & CALVES 12 R 18 000.00 R 12 395.83 CLIVE ZULBERG T/A ZULGUNI
OPEN HEIFERS 16 R 11 500.00 R 7 259.38 TJS BAYNES


Sale Report 27 September 2018

There was a good turnout at the recent Umsenge Nguni Sale held at the Grahamstown sale pens on Thursday 27 September. Once again the Umsenge group produced some quality stock, with the bulls kicking off the sale. The top priced bull, lot 6, sold for R50000 and was bought by Mickey Liddell of Adelaide. The females followed suit with notable prices of lot 21 (R25000), and 29 (R19000) both belonging to Qhina Ngunis (Glen Knott). Bushkloof Ngunis (Vernon Sparks) sold Lot 26 for R16250 and Leopard Ridge Conservancy (Dale Cunningham) sold Lot 54 for R12000.

Averages were as follows:

Type of Stock No Average Price Top Price Seller Buyer
Bulls 6 R 27 500.00 R 50 000.00 Qhina Ngunis WLM Liddell
Cows & Calves 6 R 17 834.00 R 25 000.00 Qhina Ngunis Echodale Farms
Pregnant Heifers 38 R 13 217.00 R 19 000.00 Qhina Ngunis Golden Security Services
Open Heifers 12 R 9 708.00 R 12 000.00 Leopard Ridge Conservancy Echodale Farms

Pictures from the Sale:

Sale Report 28 September 2017

The Umsenge Ngunis Sale was held at the Hobson & Co Auction Yard on the 28th September. The members once again offered an outstanding group of females and bulls and must be complimented on their attention to quality and detail. The top priced bull, Lot 4 was sold for R36000 and was bought by Dr Steve Cockcroft from Glenam Knott of Qhina Ngunis. Richard Stevens bought the top priced female, Lot 34, a beautiful 3-in-1 for R16250 also from Qhina Ngunis. Under the circumstances the sale went reasonably well with farmers buying outstanding genetics at commercial prices for X-breeding

Type Of Stock NO Top Price Average Price Buyer
Bulls 3 R 36 000.00 R 27 666.67 Dr SC Cockcroft
Pregnant Cows 4 R 10 500.00 R 9 375.00 Donald Connan Trust
Cows & Calves 6 R 16 250.00 R 14 125.00 Richard Stevens
Pregnant Heinfers 34 R 11 500.00 R 8 485.29 Glen Knott
Open Heifers 21 R 8 750.00 R 6 457.14 Pieter Lombard

Sale Report 11 May 2017

The Umsenge Nguni auction was held at the Hobson & Co auction yard in Grahamstown on Thursday 11th May. An exceptional offering of very strictly screened cattle came under the hammer of Brandon Leer. There was a 100% sale although the prices did not really do the quality of the cattle justice and almost all the lots were bought by buyers from other provinces.

Sale Averages were as follows:

Type of Stock No Average Price Top Price Buyer
Nguni Bulls 7 R 19 714.29 R 26 000.00 Tim Baynes
Cows & Calves 6 R 10 083.33 R 11 000.00 Ray Keeny
Pregnant Heifers 6-9 Mths 14 R 7 942.85 R 9 200.00 Glen Knott
Pregnant Heifers 3-6 Mths 30 R 7 780.00 R 11 000.00 Ray Keeny

Sale Report October 2015

Well, the Umsenge Nguni cattle auction which was held last Thursday dished up more than beautiful cattle and high prices! A well thought out scam was foiled by some quick thinking from the Hobson & Co team and a huge slice of luck.

The auction was already nearly finished when a buyer by the name of Kobus Deyzel arrived claiming to having got lost on the way to the sale. He said that he was told the sale yard was near the golf course and had ended up near Port Alfred as he had been directed to the new golf course. He registered quickly and told the office staff he would complete the necessary documentation later as he needed to buy cattle. The prices suddenly went up a notch as “buyer 35” climbed into the other buyers who needed to fill their trucks and all the sellers were desperate to know who their next best friend was. Shortly before the end of the sale he stopped buying, asked for the amount he owed and said he was quickly going to the bank to transfer the money. When he arrived back at the auction yard he was almost mobbed by the delighted sellers and was thanked profusely for his interest in the cattle. He claimed to be from Steytlerville and knew all the local farmers there- even quoting names and farms. The new found fame seemed to go to his head and “Mr. Deyzel” started socializing with the crowd and the stories he told various groups of people became very far fetched! Some of his exploits included receiving a R50 000 tip from Princess Anne when he was her personal bodyguard, buying an Angora goat ram for R90 000, brokering the sale of the Edward Hotel in Port Elizabeth for 126 million dollars and personally counting the cash.

He insisted that his cattle be transported immediately but the auctioneers insisted on proof of payment which he immediately produced. The cattle were duly loaded and Mr Deyzel said his tearful goodbyes to his new best friends and left having purchased 22 cattle and a few Nguni hides which he quite fancied- promising to pay Mrs Leonie Yendall the next day for them.

The Hobson & Co staff at last sat down to have a relaxing drink and discuss a very successful sale when all these amazing stories about “buyer 35” began to surface and the alarm bells began to ring. A phone call to the bank manager confirmed that the deposit slip was fraudulent, a phone call to a local Steytlerville farmer showed that no Kobus Deyzel farmed there and his farm Wolwekop did not exist and a certain Marius Deyzel had successfully got away with a similar scam in the area. Fortunately the cattle had been loaded on a Hobson & Co truck and it was instructed to return to Grahamstown under the pretext that the wrong cattle had been loaded and an absolute disaster was averted. This brazen criminal still had the cheek to then ask to have the cattle delivered the next day but when he realized that the game was up he disappeared into thin air and his telephone number no longer exists. Nobody saw what vehicle he arrived in but he is very recognizable, being very tall, slightly overweight, wears black rimmed glasses and apparently always wears khaki clothes.

The joke at Hobson & Co now is that liquor saved the company 100’s of thousands of rand because if “Mr Deyzel” had just picked up his invoice and left we would have been none the wiser until the next morning.

So to all you farmers out there who wonder why you pay commission- now you know! Your agent is at risk every time a deal is done and your payment is guaranteed. “Mr Deyzel”- enjoy your Nguni skins! I think you should ply your trade elsewhere but you are a marked man in Grahamstown.

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price
Bulls 7 R25857.14 R34000
Pregnant Cows 5 R10700.00 R13500
Cows & Calves (3-in-1) 13 R11153.85 R15000
Cows & Calves 7 R9714.29 R11000
Pregnant Heifers (6mths +) 39 R9314.10 R13750
Pregnant Heifers (3-6mths) 16 R8937.50 R11000
Heifers (Running with Bull) 19 R6815.79 R11250
Heifers (Open) 6 R5750.00 R7000


Sale Report May 2015

The Umsenge Nguni Group held their autumn sale at the Hobson & Co Auction Yard in Grahamstown on Thursday 14 May.  Amidst all the unfair negative publicity surrounding the breed there was an air of trepidation as the day dawned. Fortunately quality always sells as this group of dedicated breeders surprised the pundits by once again having an outstanding sale. Buyers from as far afield as Natal, Mpumalanga and the North West Province registered at the auction with only 3 open heifers being declared not sold. It is encouraging to see that the bulls on the Umsenge Sale sell consistently, and this sale was no exception with all 13 once again being sold for an average of R19846.00. Qhina Ngunis sold the top priced bull, Lot 4, for R40000.00 to Mr James Nkosi from Delmas and the bulls sold in a range between R15000.00 and R40000.00. The quality of the female offering was outstanding and Vernon Sparks of Bushkloof Ngunis sold the 2 top priced pregnant heifers, Lots 44 and 55 for R14500.00 to Tim Baynes from Natal and James Nkosi respectively. Three in one cows and calves were very good value for money and Qhina Ngunis achieved the highest price with Lot 58 at R13500.00 which was knocked down to regular supporter of the sale, Cronje van Zyl from Paterson. Open heifers struggled to sell with limited demand.  Leopard Ridge Conservancy (Dale Cunningham) achieved the top price for this class of R6000.00 for 2 outstanding heifers. The group welcomed Pat Hobbs and Dale Cunningham as full members to Umsenge as from this sale and the genetics now offered by the group will be very hard to beat. Both Hobson & Co and auctioneer Brandon Leer were delighted with the outcome of the sale and are both of the opinion that the Nguni industry will now stabilize as only the best breeders will remain in an overtraded stud market.

Type of Stock No of Stock Top Price Average Price Seller
Bulls 13 R40000.00 R19846.00 Qhina Ngunis
Pregnant Heifers 53 R14500.00 R7811.00 RP Sparks & Son
Cows & Calves (3-in1) 6 R13500.00 R11916.00 Qhina Ngunis
Open Heifers 6 R6000.00 R5666.00 Leopard Ridge Conservancy CC

Pictures from the Sale

Sale report October 2014

The Umsenge Nguni Group held their 11th Auction at the Hobson & Co sale yard in Grahamstown on 23 October 2014. The sale was a resounding success considering the unfair negative publicity surrounding the breed. A very good offering of 11 bulls and 76 females were sold on a 100% sale with prices realized very solid. The bull prices were good if not spectacular and Pierre Strydom of Styan Ngunis achieved the highest price of R26000.00 for Lot 4 – a bull bred out of pure Umsenge genetics.  The bull was purchased by Mark Cotton, a new game and beef farmer in the district.  The bulls averaged R21 181.81 and sold in a range between R15000.00 to R26000.00.

The female sale started very cautiously and got better and better as buyers realized that there were not going to be any bargains.  Interest was keen on an outstanding offering of top quality double screened young Nguni females.  Top price was for a 3in1 Cow and Calf from Qhina Ngunis which was purchased by an old stalwart of the sale Peter Amm of Salem.  Other notable prices were R12250.00 for a 4 months pregnant heifer sold by new Umsenge member Dale Cunningham, a cow and calf sold by the same seller for R13750.00, R8000.00 for an open heifer owned by Boetie Whittle of Slagboom Ngunis and R10800.00 for a 6 months Pregnant Heifer sold by Qhina Ngunis.

The Umsenge group has welcomed 2 new members, namely Pat Hobbs a well-known breeder from the Kei Mouth area and Dale Cunningham a game and beef farmer from the Grahamstown District.These dedicated and open minded breeders need to be commended for holding an auction without reserve and also indicated that they are very positive about the breed and the future for the breed. New development in the feedlot industry as well as the proven hardiness and adaptability of the breed still make it a very good option to farm with on harsher veld.

Sale Averages were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price Seller
Bulls 11 R21181.81 R26000 Pierre Strydom
Pregnant Heifers (>5 Months) 45 R7840.00 R10800 Glenam Knott
Pregnant Heifers (<5 Months) 9 R8466.66 R12250 Dale Cunningham
Cows & Calves 7 R9685.71 R14750 Glenam Knott
Open Heifers/Running with Bull 19 R6147.37 R8000 Boetie Whittle


Sale Report May 2014

The Umsenge Nguni auction held at the Hobson & Co Auction yard in Grahamstown on Thursday 8th May dished up its normal pleasant surprize with very competitive prices being paid for the excellent offering. The Nguni industry has been under intense pressure of late and it was very heartening to see that quality cattle always sell. Prices were down from the record sales of the last few years, but both buyers and sellers were extremely happy with the outcome of the auction.

41 Buyers registered for the auction on a beautiful autumn day and there was a 100% clearance- with demand good for all types of cattle. The open heifers were very dear, and bulls were in demand, although at a lower price than usual.

The sellers were happy to meet the market and all cattle were sold at the highest bid on the auction- pregnant heifers selling from R5000, open heifers from R3500, cows & calves from R6500, 3-in-1’s from R10000, and bulls from R15000.

The group needs to be commended on this attitude as the breed has reached the stage where it now supplies a huge commercial market like all other beef breeds.

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price Seller
Bulls 10 R17300.00 R25000 RP Sparks & Son (Vernon Sparks)
Pregnant Cows 5 R5850.00 R7000 RP Sparks & Son (Vernon Sparks)
Cows & Calves (3 in 1) 5 R12900.00 R17500 Qhina Ngunis (Glenam Knott)
Cows & Calves 9 R8361.11 R11500 Qhina Ngunis (Glenam Knott)
Heifers (Pregnant) 50 R9350.00 R22000 Leopards Ridge (Dale Cunningham)
Heifes (Open) 12 R7833.33 R17500 Qhina Ngunis (Glenam Knott)

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Qhina Ngunis
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