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Our History

June 1991 Paul Klopper of Lazy K Farming bought  8 Brahman heifers from Johnny Mullins of Faberskraal, Highlands for R425 each.  He also bought 32 Hereford x Heifers from Bill Keeton of Hope Farm, Port Alfred, for R850 each and Neil Moss sold 10 Santa Cows for R 1 800 each.

The agent was Paul Hobson of EPLA.  This was his first out of hand sale.  Adrian Mullins (Johnny’s son), Darian (Bill’s son) and Mike (Neil’s son) are all still valued clients of Hobson & Co. In actual fact, Richard Moss, who is Neil Moss’s grandson, is now a valued client of Hobson & Co. It is with great pride that we feel that we have bridged the generation gap, and are able to serve our clients in the same way that Mr Bertie Moorcroft, the doyen of Livestock Agents in the Eastern Cape did way back in the good old days.

That landmark deal in 1991 convinced EPLA that they needed to be able to give their clients in a more complete service.  Slowly, but surely long-standing relationships have been formed with the major feedlots in the country, and today Hobson & Co supply roughly 30 000 calves annually.  This is the core of the business, with their services for auction sales, stud sales and dispersal sales being more and more sought after.

Hobson & Co was born in November 2005 when they bought Eastern Province Livestock Agency’s share in EPLA Marketing.  It was decided to change the name so as to have their own identity.

Hobson & Co is based in Grahamstown, is a Pty Ltd and is owned by directors Paul Hobson, Dave Cockcroft and Andrew White.