You are currently viewing Grahamstown Sale 01 August 2013

There were 649 Sheep & Goats and 363 Cattle Bought and sold at the recent Hobson & Co Grahamstown Monthly auction. Prices were above market, with mutton selling extremely well on the day.

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Ewes 257 R875.47 R17.27/kg
Lambs 295 R746.08 R19.52/kg
Rams 8 R846.25 R12.97/kg
Boergoats 1 R790.00 R11.97/kg
Other Goats 88 R438.13 R12.09/kg
Cows 62 R4717.74 R10.58/kg
Calves 218 R2992.78 R15.68/kg
Bulls 5 R7380.00 R13.01/kg
Cows & Calves 29 R5651.02 R-
Heifers 20 R5175.00 R13.65/kg
Oxen 27 R5783.77 R13.02/kg
Fries/Jersey X 2 R1650.00 R8.68/kg