You are currently viewing Bathurst Show 28 March 2015
Champion Group of A-Grades belonging to Van Niekerk Bros of Bedford

The Bathurst Show sale was held on a Saturday 28 March. The wet weather did not put a dampener on the sale as the turnout was brilliant. Well done to the sellers who made an effort to showcase their animals on the day. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/KG
Lambs 40 R991.25 R25.92/kg
Savanah Rams 4 R3500.00 R4200.00 (Top Price)
Cows 44 R8755.68 R14.86/kg
Oxen 31 R9829.03 R17.71/kg
Calves 2 R4450.00 R20.23/kg


Pictures from the Day: