You are currently viewing Bedford Sale 27 July 2022

There were 322 sheep and 146 cattle on offer at the recent Bedford sale. Prices were as follows:

A GRADE (THIN) 3 R6,000.00 R24.83
A GRADE A2+ 2 R9,100.00 R25.45
AB GRADE (THIN) 2 R8,650.00 R23.54
AB GRADE A2+ 8 R13,975.00 R28.35
BULL (SLAUGHTER) 5 R18,140.00 R26.76
B GRADE B2+ 2 R13,500.00 R27.16
COW (VERY THIN) 1 R5,500.00 R18.33
STORE COW/C1 23 R10,826.09 R22.73
FAT COW C2+ 58 R13,872.41 R26.01
PREGNANT COW (S) 14 R12,385.71 R23.42
COW & CALF 4 R14,900.00 R25.88
LIGHT HEIFER(S) <180KG 1 R6,000.00 R33.33
HEIFER(S) 181 -210KG 4 R6,700.00 R35.26
HEIFER(S) 211-250KG 3 R7,200.00 R32.00
HEIFER(S) >321KG 2 R9,000.00 R26.47
LAMB(S) A2+ 16 R2,115.63 R43.68
LAMB(S) AB GRADE 10 R2,220.00 R45.12
MUTTON C1 41 R1,525.00 R30.81
MUTTON C2+ 242 R1,831.18 R31.82
NGUNI LIGHT TOLLIE(S) <180KG 1 R5,300.00 R32.12
SLAUGHTER OX(EN) 5 R21,600.00 R29.59
RAM(S) (SLAUGHTER) 13 R2,055.77 R26.46
LIGHT TOLLIE(S) <180KG 3 R6,000.00 R35.64
TOLLIE(S) 181-210KG 3 R7,050.00 R37.11
TOLLIE(S) 211-250KG 1 R7,400.00 R33.64
TOLLIE(S) >321KG 1 R9,300.00 R24.80