You are currently viewing Umsenge Nguni Sale 08 May 2014

The Umsenge Nguni auction held at the Hobson & Co Auction yard in Grahamstown on Thursday 8th May dished up its normal pleasant surprize with very competitive prices being paid for the excellent offering. The Nguni industry has been under intense pressure of late and it was very heartening to see that quality cattle always sell. Prices were down from the record sales of the last few years, but both buyers and sellers were extremely happy with the outcome of the auction.

41 Buyers registered for the auction on a beautiful autumn day and there was a 100% clearance- with demand good for all types of cattle. The open heifers were very dear, and bulls were in demand, although at a lower price than usual.

The sellers were happy to meet the market and all cattle were sold at the highest bid on the auction- pregnant heifers selling from R5000, open heifers from R3500, cows & calves from R6500, 3-in-1’s from R10000, and bulls from R15000.

The group needs to be commended on this attitude as the breed has reached the stage where it now supplies a huge commercial market like all other beef breeds.

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Top Price Seller
Bulls 10 R17300.00 R25000 RP Sparks & SonĀ (Vernon Sparks)
Pregnant Cows 5 R5850.00 R7000 RP Sparks & Son (Vernon Sparks)
Cows & Calves (3 in 1) 5 R12900.00 R17500 Qhina Ngunis (Glenam Knott)
Cows & Calves 9 R8361.11 R11500 Qhina Ngunis (Glenam Knott)
Heifers (Pregnant) 50 R9350.00 R22000 Leopards Ridge (Dale Cunningham)
Heifes (Open) 12 R7833.33 R17500 Qhina Ngunis (Glenam Knott)