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The Umsenge Ngunis Sale was held at the Hobson & Co Auction Yard on the 28th September. The members once again offered an outstanding group of females and bulls and must be complimented on their attention to quality and detail. The top priced bull, Lot 4 was sold for R36000 and was bought by Dr Steve Cockcroft from Glenam Knott of Qhina Ngunis. Richard Stevens bought the top priced female, Lot 34, a beautiful 3-in-1 for R16250 also from Qhina Ngunis. Under the circumstances the sale went reasonably well with farmers buying outstanding genetics at commercial prices for X-breeding

Type Of Stock No Top Price Average Price Buyer
Bulls 3 R 36 000.00 R 27 666.67 Dr SC Cockcroft
Pregnant Cows 4 R 10 500.00 R 9 375.00 Donald Connan Trust
Cows & Calves 6 R 16 250.00 R 14 125.00 Richard Stevens
Pregnant Heinfers 34 R 11 500.00 R 8 485.29 Glen Knott
Open Heifers 21 R 8 750.00 R 6 457.14 Pieter Lombard