You are currently viewing Adelaide Goat Sale 11 November 2021

There were 2492 small stock on offer at the recent Adelaide Goat sale. Prices were exceptionally high and were as follows:

Description No Average Price Average Price/kg
ANGORA KAPATER(S) 311 R1,441.16 R31.00
ANGORA RAM(S) 4 R2,000.00 R27.68
BOERGOAT KAPATER(S) <35KG 979 R1,805.69 R69.85
BOERGOAT KAPATER(S) >35KG 376 R2,792.55 R65.79
BOERGOAT MAIDEN EWE(S) 202 R1,642.95 R71.46
BOERGOAT EWE(S) 421 R2,033.49 R44.07
BOERGOAT RAM(S) 20 R2,850.00 R33.85
SAVANNAH RAM(S) 10 R2,660.00 R59.38
XB GOATS 19 R1,571.05 R48.93
BOERGOAT RAM (FLOCK) 6 R3,066.67 R51.83
LAMB(S) (THIN) 87 R1,575.00 R45.00
MUTTON C1 38 R1,517.11 R33.44
MUTTON C2+ 12 R1,900.00 R36.54
RAM(S) (SLAUGHTER) 7 R2,314.29 R30.57