You are currently viewing Buffelshoek Sale 27 October 2015
Champion pen of sheep sold by Kenneth Biggs

There were 1018 sheep and 185 cattle at the recent Buffelshoek sale. Well done to Kenneth Biggs who won the Charlie Herold trophy for the best pens sheep on the sale. Prices were once again outstanding with trade sheep in demand. Slaughter cattle also were good with some C grade prices fetching R17.38/kg. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Rams (Slaughter) 15 R984.33 R13.47/kg
Lambs (A2+) 364 R926.76 R23.94/kg
Store Lambs 61 R550.00 R22.00/kg
Lambs AB Grade 43 R1011.16 R22.43/kg
Lambs B Grade 127 R1141.77 R19.88/kg
Mutton (C1) 45 R830.00 R18.72/kg
Mutton (C2+) 363 R947.63 R19.44/kg
A Grades (A2+) 7 R6371.43 R16.58/kg
AB Grades (Thin) 11 R5218.18 R12.84/kg
AB Grades (AB2+) 9 R7383.33 R16.53/kg
Cows (Store/C1) 28 R5714.29 R12.46/kg
Cows (C2+) 33 R8092.42 R15.09/kg
Pregnant Cows 18 R7444.44 R14.87/kg
Cows & Calves 9 R8522.22 R8522.22
Slaughter Oxen 5 R6700.00 R13.67/kg
Heifers 211-250kg 12 R4366.67 R18.17/kg
Heifers 251-280kg 6 R4300.00 R17.00/kg
Heifers 321kg+ 2 R4200.00 R12.39/kg
Tollies 211-250kg 21 R4626.16 R19.32/kg
Tollies 251-280kg 2 R5050.00 R18.36/kg
Tollies 321kg+ 22 R5811.36 R16.34/kg