You are currently viewing Graaff Reinet Sale 19/03/2013

There were 536 Sheep and 57 Cattle bought and sold at the recent Hobson & Co Graaff Reinet. The quality of stock on the day was good. Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock: No. of Stock: Average Price: Price / KG
Rams 13 R1015.38 R13.51/kg
Ewes 92 R737.61 R13.86/kg
Lambs 427 R721.58 R19.17/kg
Goats 3 R370.00 R15.81/kg
Bulls 1 R4500.00 R-/Kg
Cows 13 R5065.38 R10.35/kg
Oxen 43 R5739.53 R12.90/kg