You are currently viewing Paterson N G Kerk Sale 08 November 2015

Another successful community project was the Paterson NG Kerk auction which Hobson & Co held on Saturday. 462 cattle were sold on the sale where a portion of the commission earned is donated to the church to run the local parish.

The continued good season is resulting in there being plenty of good quality stock on offer at all local auctions. Prices on slaughter cattle still remain high but weaner calf prices have dipped even further as the water crisis deepens in the north and fodder and maize prices skyrocket. The Caledon River is now a mere trickle and the second largest cattle feedlot in the country, Sparta Beef has only two months water supply left if significant rain does not fall shortly. Farmers only have two weeks left before it is too late to plant maize so it is crucial that it rains soon in the OFS.

Sale Prices were as follows:

Type Of Stock No of Stock Average Price Average Price/kg
Boergoats 2 R1520.00 R1520.00
XB Goats 3 R300.00 R300.00
AB Grades (AB2+) 2 R11300.00 R16.82/kg
B Grades (B2+) 2 R11600.00 R16.91/kg
Bulls (Slaughter) 13 R8230.77 R15.99/kg
Cows (Very Thin/C0) 24 R5066.67 R12.29/kg
Cows (Store/C1) 46 R5822.83 R12.76/kg
Cows (C2+) 68 R7893.33 R15.14/kg
Cows & Calves 10 R6140.00 R6140.00
Friesland Calves 68 R2526.37 R11.04/kg
Jersey Calves 4 R2600.00 R9.73/kg
Trade Oxen 1 R8000.00 R15.94/kg
Slaughter Oxen 4 R6633.33 R15.33/kg
Heifers 181-210kg 14 R3592.96 R18.82/kg
Heifers 211-250kg 37 R4151.36 R17.83/kg
Heifers 281-320kg 6 R5300.00 R17.97/kg
Heifers 321kg+ 5 R5300.00 R16.06/kg
Nguni Heifers <180kg 14 R2700.00 R17.09/kg
Nguni Heifers 181-210kg 1 R3550.00 R17.66/kg
Nguni Heifers 211-250kg 2 R3600.00 R13.21/kg
Nguni Tollies <180kg 6 R1800.00 R11.61/kg
Nguni Tollies 181-210kg 6 R2758.33 R13.81/kg
Nguni Tollies 211-250kg 9 R2550.00 R11.97/kg
Nguni Tollies 281-320kg 1 R3500.00 R11.67/kg
Tollies <180kg 9 R2922.22 R20.47/kg
Tollies 181-210kg 36 R3976.66 R19.66/kg
Tollies 211-250kg 40 R4736.25 R20.31/kg
Tollies 251-280kg 80 R5248.13 R19.82/kg
Tollies 281-320kg 10 R5480.00 R18.04/kg
Tollies 321kg+ 1 R6400.00 R18.18/kg