You are currently viewing Quattro Boergoat & EP Dorper Sale 12 October 2016

The annual Quattro Boergoat and E.P. Dorper club sale was held at the Willowmore Showgrounds on Wednesday 12th October. It was an absolutely outstanding sale considering the drought and economic climate at the moment. 81 buyers registered from as far afield as Limpopo for the auction run by Hobson & Co with Paul Mills on the podium. 48 Boergoat rams were offered and sold by the Quattro group consisting of members Kobus Lotter, Sakkie Nell, Johnny Henderson and Vaatjie Nell. The rams sold for an average price of R8802 each which is a record for the sale. Lot 25, a magnificent 6T stud ram belonging to Kobus Lotter was sold to Mooredale Farms from Fullarton for a sale record price of R47000. There were rams to suit everybody’s pockets in the range from R4000 to R15000.

The 55 Boergoat ewes which were sold by clients of the Quattro group also sold well and averaged R2030 each. Grootfontein Agricultural College offered a high class string of 12 ewes which averaged R2358 with a top price of R2600.

After an atrocious national sale in Beaufort West a few weeks previously the Dorper breeders were very apprehensive about the prospects of their sale. Fortunately demand was good on an above average offering and prices realized confounded even the most pessimistic sellers. The 46 Dorper rams were all sold at an average of R7465 each which is an outstanding price considering the top price was R15000. Ray vd Berg achieved this price for lot 6 and Mickey Phillips had the highest average price for his string of five rams of R12200 each.

The white Dorper rams did not sell as well where the quality was not quite as good. The 23 rams which were sold averaged R5595 with Ashley Phillips selling the only type 5 ram for R10000 to Skinner Farming from Wolwefontein. The same seller also had the highest average for his rams of R8000 each.

The facilities at the Willowmore showgrounds are magnificent and certainly lend themselves favourably to hold prestige auctions like this one there.

Paul Hobson of the auctioneers Hobson & Co said he was delighted by the outcome of the sale and complimented the sellers on the quality of the stock offered and also would like to thank the buyers for having the confidence to buy on this sale under trying circumstances. He added that the number of buyers registered proved that this sale is held in high regard by farmers serious about buying quality stock.

Average Prices were as follows:

Type of Stock No Average Amount Highest Price Buyer
BOERGOAT EWE(S)- STUD 30 R 2 123.33 R 2 600.00 LJ van Niekerk
BOERGOAT EWE(S) FLOCK 25 R 1 920.00 R 2 400.00 LJ van Niekerk
BOERGOAT RAM (STUD) 16 R 13 500.00 R 47 000.00 Mooredale Farms
BOERGOAT RAM (FLOCK 32 R 6 453.13 R 9 000.00 GJL Lotter (Mannetjie)
DORPER RAM (T5) 3 R 13 000.00 R 15 000.00 F de Lange
DORPER RAM (STUD) 24 R 7 687.50 R 13 000.00 PJ Strydon & LJ van Niekerk
DORPER RAM (FLOCK) 19 R 6 310.53 R 8 500.00 Keith Kroon Trust
WHITE DORPER RAM (T5) 1 R 10 000.00 R 10 000.00 Skinner Farming
WHITE DORPER RAM (STUD) 6 R 6 500.00 R 8 000.00 Jaco Oelofse Family Trust
WHITE DORPER RAM (FLOCK) 16 R 4 981.25 R 9 000.00 Jaco Oelofse Family Trust