You are currently viewing Frontier Bonsmara Farmers Day 08 July 2016

The Frontier Bonsmara group held their annual farmers’ day at the Heritage Lodge near Alexandria in the Eastern Cape on 8th July. 115 farmers registered for this event which has become one of the premier agricultural occasions in the area.

This year Nic Serfontein of the Sernick group had the crowd spellbound with his insight and expertise where vertical integration is key to his success in his farming, feed, feedlotting, abattoir and marketing business.

Patrick Sekwatlakwatla, also of the Sernick group then gave a very enthusiastic talk on their very successful emerging farmer programme which made everybody realize that they do have a responsibility towards the entire farming community.

The last speaker was Gavin Came, a financial consultant and previous CEO of Sasfin Financial Services on “How politics affects the economy”. It was an outstanding address which was easy for the ordinary layman to understand and really left everybody with food for thought.

The day ended with a practical live demonstration on various aspects of cattle done by Justin Stirk and Andrew van Kerken, both members of the Frontier group.

A date to diarise is the Frontier Bonsmara bull sale on the 17th August where 60 top quality bulls will be offered along with 100 commercial females.